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Written By Shane Lyons

March 19, 2022

Improving your golf game starts with improving your golf posture. Before your club even comes into contact with the ball, your golf posture will determine where and how far that ball will travel. Yet, improving your golf posture isn’t as easy as having your back at the correct angle and keeping your shoulders straight. Have no fear, though – with a few simple steps, you can be on your way to good golf posture and hitting the ball further and more consistently in no time. Keep on reading to discover your ultimate guide to better golf posture.

What is golf posture? 

Golf Swing Tips Before diving into ways to better your golf posture, it’s important to understand what golf posture is. In the most straightforward answer, golf posture is the position of your spine, shoulders, head, hips, feet and waist – both where they are in relation to one another and how they move together. In other words, golf posture is what allows you to complete a golf swing properly.

How does golf posture affect your golf game? 

As you’d assume, good golf posture will improve your golf game and bad golf posture will negatively affect your game. However, when taking a closer look, you’ll notice that the relationship between golf posture and your golf game is much deeper, and can have effects that may surprise you.


One of the most rewarding things about good golf posture is seeing consistency in your game. Instead of your ball slicing to the left, then to the right, or going nowhere at all – you’ll notice your ball more or less acts the same every time you swing. Once you’ve nailed your golf posture, it’ll be easier to make minor tweaks to your swing and stance to improve your game further.


Not as obvious as consistency, longevity is a huge benefit of having good golf posture. Not only will you feel better after a round of 18 holes, but you’ll also feel better many years from now if you keep up with your posture. Golf is an amazing game in how you can play up until any age, assuming your body is able. With correct golf posture, you’ll extend your golf career.


We all want to hit the ball further off the tee. However, unless you add power properly, it’s more likely your ball will end up deep in the rough than closer to the green. Good golf posture increases your swing speed and power without losing consistency.

Perfect your golf posture with these 5 steps 

perfect golf posture It really is that simple, focus on these five steps and you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your golf game.

  1. Evaluate your golf posture 

It’s impossible to know how to correct your golf posture if you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong – and right. A golf posture self-assessment is the best way to evaluate your golf posture.   It’s also a great idea to video yourself. You’ll be able to see precisely what your instructor is seeing, and you’ll also be able to look back and see the areas you’ve improved and what areas still need work.   When you video yourself, be sure to video from two different angles. The first is looking down the hole with your shoulder pointed at the camera, which will allow you to see the plane of your golf swing and what position your club is at the top of your backswing. The second angel will have a straight-on view of your face and will show how your clubhead is hitting the ball and a clearer shot of how you’re rotating.

  1. Perfect your golf stance 

Golf backswing Once you’ve evaluated your golf posture, the next step is to focus on perfecting your golf stance. After all, if you don’t start with a good stance, the likelihood of having good golf posture during your swing is minimal.     For a proper stance, be sure of the following:

  • Feet are shoulder-width apart and in a neutral position
  • Upper body is bent roughly 40 degrees over your hips, with a soft bend in your knees
  • Your weight is centred and your tailbone is tucked
  • Arms are relaxed and comfortably straight


  1. Focus on your golf swing sequence 

Golf Backswing Once you have your start stance down, the next step is ensuring you keep good posture throughout your swing. The key to a proper golf swing sequence is to pivot smoothly during your backswing and downswing. When you backswing, focus on transferring your weight from your centre to the inside of your right foot and heel.   Be sure to keep your upper body over your left side, then begin to transfer your weight back from your right side to your left. Allow your arms to follow and gain speed in your downswing with the natural momentum you’ve built up.

  1. Use exercise to better your golf posture 

golf swing trainer If you think improving your golf posture is something you can only do with a club in your hand, think again. By incorporating a few simple exercises into your routine, you’ll not only see improvement in your golf game, but you’ll also notice better posture in other facets of your life.       It’s especially important to have a strong core to support your lower back and spine and reduce the risk of losing your posture mid-swing. One of the best core exercises is the seated Russian twist, as it improves both your mobility and core strength.   Almost equally as important to a strong core is having good hip flexibility, which allows your hip and spine to rotate smoothly as you swing. A great exercise to increase your hip flexibility is this hip rotation exercise.

  1. Make good posture a habit 

Once you’ve made it through the first four steps, you’ll already be seeing great improvements in your golf game. This final step ensures all that hard work doesn’t go to waste.

  • Find ways to remind yourself to have good posture at the top of your mind. Be as creative as you’d like, such as a note in your golf bag or a reminder written on your scorecard.


  • Keep track of how you feel after a round of golf. Many golf apps have places you can leave notes, or for those who prefer pen and paper, a simple journal will do the trick. By keeping track of how you played and how you felt, you may begin to see patterns of what can trigger your posture to falter.


  • Continue to video yourself. It’s a great way to see improvement in your game, notice any bad habits creeping in, and continue to perfect your stance and swing.


  • Make good posture a habit in your day-to-day life. Good posture shouldn’t start and end with your golf game. Keep good posture in mind throughout your day, and your body will thank you for years to come.

Take the guesswork out of your best golf posture with a self-assessment 

Golf Swing Posture Improving your golf posture takes time, dedication and patience but has tangible benefits you’ll notice from day one and for years to come. To take the guesswork out of perfecting your golf posture, sign up for a self-assessment at In no time, you’ll be golfing the best round of your life and setting yourself up for years of good habits.

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