We can all agree that golf exercises are essential for your golf game, right? But at Best Golf Posture we believe the foundation of playing golf at your best starts with your golf posture first! After all, the saying rings true if you start in the wrong place, you’ll finish in the wrong place. We call it golf basics 101!

Golf PostureGolf Posture Exercise – The Foundation To Playing Your Best Golf

Golf is a highly rotation sport, and if you have poor posture you will not only compromise your optimal golf swing mechanics but also, over time, trash your back and shoulders.

Perfect Golf Posture is essential if you want to play your best golf and eliminate nagging aches and pains that only hinder your performance.

Some of the common bi-products of poor posture that can be seen in your golf game are listed below:



  • Loss of Swing Plane
  • Faulty clubface at impact
  • Loss of distance on drives
  • Disruption of swing plane and keeping eyes on the ball
  • Restricted follow-through
  • Loss of swing axis and arc
  • Excessive sway during the backswing
  • Limited coil action
  • Reduced ability to achieve a full backswing
  • Excessive internal shift and rotation of hips
  • Reducing extension in the upper spine which affects optimal backswing and follow-through

Forward Head Posture And Its Impact On Your Golf Game

Perfect Golf Posture


Forward head posture is a significant disruptor to your swing plane and consistency in your game. Not only does it disrupt your swing plane, but it also adds enormous stress to your body’s vitality and balance, leaving you feeling tired and exhausted.

The good news is that it can be corrected, and we are experts in coaching Golfers to re-balance their posture and play better pain-free golf. Some simple self-assessments can quickly determine if your posture is hurting your game.

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What Muscles Should I Workout For Posture For Golf Swinggolf workout

At Best Golf Posture, we understand that the best muscles to work out to play golf at your best are your golf posture muscles.

Some muscles get long and weak, while others get short and tight, which all influence our optimal golf posture and golf swing.

While we spend more time working from home, our posture is also negatively impacted, and so too is your golf game!

Fortunately, at Best Golf Posture we can assess your posture and identify golf exercises that specifically aid in restoring your optimal function and golf swing mechanics.

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Best Exercises For Golf Swing

Golf Swing

Before we consider the best golf swing performance exercises, have you considered that your golf posture might be the missing piece that you’ve overlooked?

At Best Golf Posture we understand that this element of your game is essential in playing your best golf, and we can help you identify and correct your golf posture easily and all from the comfort of your home or office.

Check out our golf posture video below where we explain just how critical this is to you as an amateur or professional golfer to assess and work on your posture to play your best golf ever!

Core Strengthening Exercises For Golfers golf exercises for flexibility

Core function and strength are vital components for every golfer to play at their best and minimize their risk of injury.

Most golfers are suffering from some form of back, shoulder, and neck pain that is negatively affecting the promise of a great golf game.

Did you know the core is the bridge between the upper body and the lower body and a powerhouse for clubhead speed and distance if conditioned correctly?

A strong integrated core will allow you to play golf at your best!

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Golf Stance

golf swing basics Have you considered how much your golf posture is impacting on your golf swing?

Did you know that your golf posture profoundly affects your golf swing mechanics, accuracy, and consistency?

After all, if you start in the wrong place, you’re likely to finish in the wrong place, so golf posture is more important than you might think!

Your golf stance should be relaxed and posturally correct.

If your golf posture is poor, this will be expressed in your golf game, adding to your frustration and likely creating unwanted nagging pain, sprains, and injuries that could be addressed by correcting your golf posture and allowing you to play at your best!


At Best Golf Posture, we are experts at golf posture assessment and have proven programs to help you assess and understand your posture profile. All starting with our FREE self-assessment posture guide.

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Golf  Stretching Exercises


Flexibility training is one of the critical components that’s often overlooked. Without flexibility and mobility training, you’re missing an integral part of your golf performance and overall health.

Flexibility training provides many important benefits that can’t be achieved by any other form of exercise or activity.

Mobility and Flexibility can be defined as a joint’s ability to move through a full range of motion.

Flexibility training (stretching) helps balance muscle groups which may be overused during exercise or physical activity or as a result of poor posture; it also helps relax both mind and body and provides harmony. There are many benefits to maintaining adequate flexibility.

Some are listed here

  • Improved Physical Performance and Decreased Risk of Injury
  • Reduced Muscle Soreness and Improved Posture
  • Reduced Risk of Low Back Pain
  • Increased Blood and Nutrients to Tissues
  • Improved Muscle Coordination
  • Enhanced Enjoyment of Physical Activities

Golfers need to understand that to achieve a lower handicap, they need to focus on their function through proper golf conditioning exercises.
When a player exhibits any degree of muscle imbalance, the motor engram related to the swing leaving the player’s brain is altered in proportion to the system’s degree of facilitation and muscle imbalance.

Additionally, whenever a player executes a swing with a faulty movement pattern, muscle imbalance, the engram is progressively altered, and therefore the muscle imbalance is further facilitated. This is one reason golfers play for five or maybe ten years with minimal improvement in their handicap

Exercises For Golf golf swing trainer

To golf at full potential, the golfer must acquire the flexibility to rotate almost every joint to its functional capacity. If there are movement restrictions within the shoulder, torso, pelvis, or hips, there’ll be compensation elsewhere within the system. The results of such compensation are most frequently seen as faults within the golf swing.

You can make significant gains towards a better more optimal golf swing by stretching the shortened, tight (tonic) muscles just before you play. Using targeted stretches on some of these shortened muscles will see immediate results and changes. This is because they are now receiving a more accurate representation of the messages leaving their brain.

The neurological (mind, muscle) connection can be overwhelmed with compensatory messages programmed in by past experimentation and under the influence of a teaching pro that was doing his best with the knowledge he had at that time!

Hopefully, you can now better appreciate the relationship between muscle balance, posture, and your golf swing.

Are you ready to explore and assess your muscle balance and posture restrictions that are impeding on your golf performance?

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