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Golf Swing Tips

Whether you play golf daily or have a routine of getting out on the course just a few times every month, either way proceeding directly to the tee in the morning is never recommended by golf trainers and specialists. Not only does it impede your best golf performance but it also gives rise to shoulder and neck pain, and may even cause chronic back pain. Research proves that it doesn’t require much physical effort to prep your body before getting to the tee. A simple and effective warm-up will ultimately help you in the long run.

To avoid spraining back muscles and risking a golfing back injury, we recommend you to follow simple warm up tips that can make your body disciplined and flexible. Even if you don’t stick to a thorough golf warm-up prior to your game, you can practice easy half swings; progressively advancing to full swings and stretches to get your muscles ready for a good day on the course.

With the passage of time, golf conditioning has evolved. And at Best Golf Posture, we don’t recommend conventional stretches but dynamic warm-ups designed specifically for the demands of the game of golf. These are much more effective at stimulating and priming your body for the coming physical activity.

Golf Stretches

Since the golf swing is a strongly athletic movement, you need to prepare for it physically and mentally by following golf warm up tips. Dynamic warm-ups are a series of muscle movements designed to increase the body temperature and optimize your pulse rate, activate the nervous system and enhance mobility.

A dynamic mobility-based warm-up involves exercises that are closely related to the movement patterns required for Golf.  Golf exercises with dynamic mobility included in the warm-up elevate muscle temperature, increase blood flow and encourage muscles and joints to move through their full range of motion; progressively loading them in an ideal manner, to be ready for the demands to follow.

You can check out my FREE dynamic Golf exercises warm-up video and use every time before you tee off! My Golf Warm up Video