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Shane Lyons

Golf Conditioning Specialist, CHEK Exercise Coach
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“About Us”

Shane is a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach and Golf Conditioning Specialist. Shane’s background is in Gymnastics with over 10 years’ experience in the International arena. He represented New Zealand at the 1997 World Championships and the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Shane has been a Personal Trainer for over sixteen years and brings a wealth of experience and commitment to continuing education and development to

Optimal Golf Swing Mechanics

As a professional athlete in the sport of Gymnastics, it’s very much about explosive speed and power, grace and posture. Upon retiring from my professional career and returning to New Zealand I qualified as a Fitness Professional as my passion was always in sport after 20 years in Gymnastics, competing at the highest level for my country. I was asked by a number of my personal training clients to help them with their golf game and with testing and time discovered if I could influence their posture. This had a massive impact in achieving their optimal swing mechanics.

With some specific testing and targeted corrective exercises, my clients started to see significant improvements across the board. Naturally, my clients were delighted with the positive changes in their game. Not only were they moving better in their swing but they were more accurate too.

The Perfect Golf Swing

Golf is largely about the ability to rotate your body, creating an effective axis of rotation with a coil to unleash on the ball with speed and power. By tapping into this hidden posture piece of the puzzle I have been able to see amazing results for my clients, and it works for all golfers from beginners to advanced. If you’re not starting it the right place, i.e. poor posture, then you’ll finish in the wrong place!

Over time with testing, I have been able to determine which are the most important posture changes needed to optimize the Golfer’s movement function for optimal swing mechanics. Today I’m proud to say I have a program that not only works but also reduces/eliminates pain for the Golfer, which is very real in the Golfing community.