Dramatically Improve Your Golf Swing

And Play Your Best Golf Ever!


Does your golf swing and drive lack power and distance?

Have you suffered from “golfer’s elbow” and or “Golf back pain”? Does your putting lack consistency?

At BESTGOLFPOSTURE.COM our programs focus on best golf posture exercises that can be used to rectify your posture for improved results on the golf course! If you’re not starting in the right place, then you’ll finish in the wrong place!

Over time with testing, I have been able to determine which are the most important posture changes needed to optimize the Golfer’s movement function for optimal golf swing mechanics.


Our extensive best golf posture golf-conditioning and coaching programs are available for purchase online. These pdf files can be easily downloaded and read on any device that supports a pdf reader. We give you the ability to access valuable information anywhere at any time.


The comprehensive eBooks cover a range of techniques and approaches to reduce and correct issues that hinder a golfer’s progress… We are committed to our mission to educate golfers about the benefits of optimal golf posture, pain-free golf to improve their golf game and yield the best golf performance!


Shane Lyons is a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach and Golf Conditioning Specialist.

He has competed at the highest level in sports and represented his country at the 1997 World Championship and the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

Shane has been featured in “The Cut” magazine, New Zealand’s biggest golfing publication, and has helped many Golfers, professionals and amateurs to improve their game with his Best Golf Posture program.

The �est Golf Posture program addresses common golf posture issues and provides the solutions with golf posture exercises and correction techniques to help you unlock your full golfing potential and find your best game!

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Get to know what our clients have to say about our programs and courses!
golf swing analysis
Bryce Mawhinney
AAA rated member

I have known Shane Lyons for over 2 1/2 years on a professional basis.
I am a Professional Golf Coach currently based in China at the NZ China Golf Academy in Yantai, Shandong Province.

During our winter training we bring students to New Zealand. We were recommended to Shane by a professional colleague of mine, and I am pleased to say we were very impressed. He has a sound knowledge of the “core areas ” which need to be improved and maintained in the golf swing.
His training techniques were common sense and very effective for the students to continue after their training at his facility. The students enjoyed the sessions with Shane.

It was very refreshing to “cross paths ” with an instructor of his ability, passion and experience who is up to date with the industry expectations. His interaction with clients from another non English speaking country was always on a professional level, which was appreciated by them.
I have no hesitation in writing this testimonial for Shane.

golf practice
Angus Smith

Angus attributes his latest golf success to working with his Personal Trainer and Golf Specialist. Angus from Mairangi Bay competed with 240 other golfers at Redwood Park golf Club to win the Shamrock Cup in the annual member’s only tournament.

Angus says that one of the benefits of working with Shane for the last year is that his golf handicap has been reduced from 22 to 14

golf training
Nico Wamsteker

My game has improved without a doubt using specialized techniques to allow me to reach my full potential.

My back pain is much more manageable, im driving further then ever before and my handicap has redcued.

best golf posture
Robert Tighe
The CUT Magazine

Shane told me before I began the program that on average his clients increased their striking distance by 15 to 25 yards. So before I started I used the state-of-the-art Doppler radar system at the Golf gym to gauge where my Game was at. It wasn’t pretty. My ball striking was horribly inconsistent –I hit 10 shots with my 7 iron and averaged 134 yards. My average club head speed was 129.2 Km/h.

After the first 12 weeks on the program and with only playing 3 rounds my 7 iron average increased to 146 yards, with an average club head speed of 136 Km/h. My stats were dragged down by a couple of clangers, but I managed to hit several shots past the 160 yard mark! I was hugely impressed by the results!

golf exercises
Paul Buchanan
Shane’s program helped me get more power and distance into my game. I’d say it added ten to fifteen metres to my game. I used to get a sore back after practising and it definitely helped me with that as well. I was able to get into positions with my swing a lot easier than I used to.
I still use the stretching exercises and it helps you feel a lot freer and fully warmed up before a round. I think a conditioning programme like this will make the game a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable for players of all levels

Golf Posture

For The Perfect golf swing

Fix your posture for greater distance and consistency

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