Golf Swing Basics

Best Golf Posture utilizes an unconventional approach to achieve perfect golf posture with effective golf conditioning and training. We center all our golf conditioning solutions on the golfer rather than the club that the golfer wields. Our solutions help unleash your body’s full golfing potential by providing the best golf posture exercises and correct golf posture drills with an understanding of swing mechanics, and how a body’s posture and muscle balance – and imbalance – are all related when it comes to your best golf performance. We understand optimal posture is critical to maintaining a consistent and accurate golf swing!

Many coaching programs in the market only mask the underlying issues related to an incorrect golf posture. In contrast, our solutions precisely address such problems and provide you best golf posture tips with a range of different techniques for actually rectifying poor golf posture. These solutions will also help prevent you putting an excessive strain on your back and shoulders that can lead to pain and injury.

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Perfect Golf Swing

A perfect golf posture results in increased flexibility and mobility, which eventually leads to your best golf performance. This fundamental philosophy is overlooked by many, but at Best Golf Posture we use specific, targeted, remedial and golf conditioning practices to teach you how to hit a golf ball with improved flexibility and mobility and create the perfect golf swing.

Golfers love golf, but the human body may not necessarily enjoy it too. You may experience chronic back pain, which can limit your golf swing. Walking may give you trouble with your hips and knees. These are all familiar problems experienced by golfers around the globe! Research shows that 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer from back pain. They experience back pain because of poor technique; and poor technique is caused entirely by bad golf posture, which leads to decreased flexibility and mobility – a painful repeating cycle. You need to condition your body with correct golf posture drills in order to achieve the harmonious balance required for improved golf flexibility and mobility.

Golf Swing Tips

Our programs help reduce the impact that golf has on your body. Reducing the impact will eventually lessen fatigue, ensuring consistent performance throughout your round. Amateur golfers reach approximately 90% of their peak muscle activity when driving the ball. This is the same intensity as trying to bench press a weight that could not be lifted more than four times. Our recommended golf stretches and golf exercise tips are simple enough to practice easily at home to improve your golf swing and ultimately reduce the impact golf has on your body.

Our programs instil confidence in golfers by maintaining consistency through specific best golf posture exercises. We offer convenient and strengthening golf exercises, you will be able to drive the ball further, improve your swing accuracy and increase chipping control, which will ultimately lead to improved putting and together lower your scores considerably.

Check out our eBooks for more insights and details on the techniques and exercises outlined here.

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