Top 7 Perks of Nailing Your Best Golf Posture

Golf Swing

Written By Shane Lyons

December 22, 2021

Perfecting your golf posture won’t just help you hit the ball further and more accurate. You’ll also notice your swing becomes more consistent, you can play for hours without becoming fatigued, and your overall golf game improves. Intrigued? Below we take a look at the top perks of nailing your best golf posture so you have even more reasons to head to the course!


  1. Increase your accuracy with best golf posture Golf Backswing


All golfers know the frustration when your golf ball refuses to go where you aim. Of course, there are many factors in play, and it takes just one tiny misstep to send your ball flying far in the wrong direction. However, one of the biggest players in poor accuracy is bad golf posture.


When you have good golf posture, your club will swing smoothly around your body with little resistance. Good golf posture also promotes good balance and enables you to hit the ball in the same spot every time. In turn, more times than not, you’ll hit the ball exactly where you want to.


  1. See consistency in your golf swing sequence 

golf swing analyzer

Right up there with accuracy in golf game frustrations is consistency. Just when you think you’ve mastered your swing, your game will seemingly fall apart. As soon as you notice your consistency taking a turn for the worse, it’s easy to get even more frustrated and overhit the ball. Don’t do this. Instead, take a moment to relax and focus on what you can control – your posture.


Good golf posture is essential for consistent, accurate and powerful swings. The moment your shoulders start to hunch, your back bends out of position, and you let your core become disengaged, you’re in trouble. It’s especially easy to succumb to bad posture as you near the middle and end of your round, so find a way to remind yourself to focus on posture when the going gets rough and watch your game turn back around in no time.


  1. Reduce back pain with the perfect golf swing plane 


If you’ve ever noticed back pain towards the end of 18 holes or the day after golfing, this is an almost guaranteed sign of bad golf posture. It’s easy to assume the pain is from using new muscles or because you were on your feet for an extended period of time – but don’t let yourself off this easily.


Back pain is an all too common and often ignored part of golf that can easily be avoided. If you focus on the following, you’ll be able to complete your round pain-free and wake up the next day ready for another 18:


  • Angle your spine roughly 40 degrees, be sure not to hunch or create an ‘S’ with your body.
  • Keep a slight flex in your knees and ensure your arms are not rigid.
  • Let your body’s natural momentum provide power to your swing, not your arms.
  • Bend from your hips, not your back.


  1. Maintaining posture in golf swing will prevent chronic pain

    best golf posture

As we mentioned above, it’s easy to write off back pain as nothing to worry about. Especially if you’re only a few rounds a year kind of golfer. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even one round of golf can lead to chronic pain, and if you’re an avid golfer, you’re even more inclined to long term harm.


When you put extra strain on your back repeatedly or force your muscles to move in unnatural ways over and over, chronic pain can become an unwanted side effect. Think about it, if you’re swinging around 100 times improperly in a row, it’s no wonder your back is yelling at you. Plus, once your pain becomes chronic, it’s much harder to fix.


  1. Gain confidence and take your game to the next level with the perfect swing 


You’re hitting the ball accurately, seeing greater consistency, you wake up pain-free, and you’re ready to do it all again – this is what best golf posture will allow. Because golf is equal parts mental and physical, hitting the ball well and feeling good about your game will have a snowball effect. The better you’re hitting and feeling, the more confidence you’ll have and the more improvement you’ll see in your game.


Of course, the opposite can be a snowball effect too. When you forget about your posture, your game will unravel, your accuracy will fall apart, and you’ll lose all hope of consistency. Find a way to remind yourself to have good golf posture at the top of your mind, so you can make every round a success.


  1. Make golf a workout with your best golf posture golf swing trainer

While you do not have to be incredibly athletic or be in the best shape of your life to succeed at golf, the game can still be a wonderful workout and allow you to stay heart healthy. All you have to do is skip the cart and unhealthy snacks, and you can see first-hand how golf can help you take control of your fitness. Some of our favourite benefits of a golf workout include:

  • Walk between 5 kilometres to 10 kilometres in an 18 hole round of golf
  • Use a range of muscles, including your abs, back, spine, and glute
  • See an increase in your balance
  • Keep your heart rate up and see a lowered risk for heart disease
  • Get the added benefits of sunshine and fresh air


  1. Watch good golf posture spill over into other aspects of your life 

Golf Swing

One of the best advantages of perfecting your golf posture? The benefits don’t stop at hitting the ball further and more accurately or enjoying the lack of back pain the next day.


When you take the time to make good golf posture a habit, you’ll begin to notice you pay more attention to your posture in other facets of your life. On top of this, when you’ve finished with your round pain-free and feeling good about your game, you’ll enjoy the many endorphins that come with this.


So take charge of your golf game today with a self-assessment at With all the tools to perfect your golf posture, you’ll be golfing the best rounds of your life for years to come.


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