Perfect Golf Swing Posture

Unleashing your full golfing potential!

The Golf Posture Changes
Guaranteed To

  • Gain 15-20 yards.
  • Improve your consistency.
  • Eliminate nagging aches and pains.
  • Boost your stamina.
  • Unleash your best golf ever!
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End your frustration and pain with our individualized assessment and personalized posture improvement program risk-free for 30 days.

You love golf, but you seldom feel like you’re playing to your potential. We hear this from both beginners and seasoned players all the time. The fact is that if your posture isn’t correct, you’ll never master golf swing mechanics and play to your full potential.

But take a look at the others in your foursome: No two bodies are the same, are they? This means that your best golf swing won’t be the same as their best golf swing. This is why you need our personal assessment and individualized posture improvement program.

Pros & Reviews

What the pros and
users are saying about our
30-day Posture Repair Program

Bryce Mawhinney, NZPGA

“…common sense and very effective…”
Paul Buchanan
“…helped me get more power and distance into my game. I’d say it added 10 to 15 yards to my game…”
Nico Wamsteker
“…specialized techniques to allow me to reach my full potential…”
Robert Tighe
“…I was hugely impressed by the results!…”

Golf Posture

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  • More Power
  • Increased Drive
  • Less Body Fatigue
  • Achieve Your Best Golf Swing
  • Reduce, Eliminate Back Pain
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Unlock the secrets of how to swing a golf club

Our program uses your individual golf strengths and capabilities to achieve maximum benefits and efficiencies for you. The result? Your optimum personalized posture that delivers a more powerful, more consistent, and more accurate golf swing.

You are finally able to conquer and consistently deliver the vital golf swing basics.

In addition to pushing your golf game to its highest level, your ideal posture will result in an easy, comfortable golf swing sequence that reduces the impact on your body. You’ll discover that those nagging aches and pains disappear and that you have as much distance and accuracy at the 18th tee as you did when you started your round!

Our guarantee and commitment

We put all our years of experience working with golfers of all levels into our 30-day Posture Repair Program. We know it works and that’s why we’re confident enough to back it up with a full 30-day guarantee. And on top of that, we’re committed to helping all of our clients improve their golf game and eliminate injuries; come to us for any and all of your golf posture problems.

Frankly, there are a lot of useless and counterproductive training materials on the market – it’s our mission to end your dependence on these.

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Start improving your golf game today

At just $37, our Posture Repair Program is the best investment you’ll ever make in your golf game. And remember, the risk is ours.

If you aren’t satisfied after 30 days, we will refund your money in full.


  • More Power
  • Increased Drive
  • Less Body Fatigue
  • Achieve Your Best Golf Swing
  • Reduce, Eliminate Back Pain

Shane Lyons

Golf Conditioning Expert

Through 20 years of experience, Shane Lyons – professional athlete, qualified CHEK exercise coach, and golf conditioning specialist – developed the understanding that golf is largely about the ability to rotate your body. This creates an axis of rotation with a coil to unleash on the ball with speed and power.

By tapping into a hidden posture pieces of the golfing puzzle, Shane has been able to see amazing results for his clients – and it works for all golfers from beginners to advanced.

If you don’t start your swing the right place, i.e. poor posture, then you won’t finish in the right place!

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