Best Golf Posture for Optimal Performance

Best Golf Posture for Optimal Performance

Written By Shane Lyons

January 17, 2019

Golf is a popular sport, enjoyed by people of all ages across the globe. It involves long periods of relatively low-intensity, followed by bursts of high-intensity movements.

Avid golfers know the secret to success in the game of golf: posture! It has a huge impact on the golf swing. Professional golfers spend quite a lot of time trying to create the perfect golf posture. The golf swing is a turning motion around the center of the body, supported by your spine. The better the position, the better will be the angle of your spine which in-turn will have an impact on your game.

Why is Golf Posture Essential to Your Best Game

Playing without a suitably stable posture leads to an abnormal position and a lost game of golf. The right posture makes a lot of difference in swinging strokes and helps the players generate just the right amount of force to strike the ball, which positively affects the performance chart.

A golfer should be able to strike the golf ball in a consistent, powerful and an accurate manner. And it can only be possible when their body is perfectly aligned for the movement. And while posture is very important, it is not necessary to get hardcore athletic training to learn great posture.

Successful golfers come in all shapes and sizes. And that’s why individual players have different ways to carry themselves as they play golf. But only the ones who have a balanced carriage can be successful at the game.  That is why it is imperative to be very clear with the angle of your spine and how you carry yourself.

The best golf posture will meet the physical demands of full swing golf shots and ensure that the spine, or any part of the player’s body, isn’t unnecessary burdened with undue force.

golfers elbowPoor Golf Posture=Decreased Golf Performance and Pain

An abnormal or uncomfortable posture will result in poor strength around your core region which will affect your whole body’s golf swing mechanics. To avoid that, it’s imperative that players engage in golf exercises or training that will help build and maintain proper golf posture while maintaining their functional strength.

Posture and body structure are the main characteristics of our body, and an improper golf swing can cause muscular issues. These problems lead to obviously disruptive physical problems. An anomaly of the posture can also lead you to potential injury.

Players who don’t practice and maintain good body posture while playing golf can run into the following problems that can put a damper of their golf games as well:

  • Minimal neck rotation will make it very hard to keep an eye on the ball swing.
  • Insufficient strength in your core region that involves the transfer of forces from lower to the upper In addition to this, an improper spine angle during the ball swing can lead to long-term damages.
  • Due to tight hamstrings, an effective desired position cannot be achieved.
  • Improper hip motion can cause lower back pain.
  • Incorrect movement of the rotator cuff leads to faulty movement patterns causing poor deceleration and speed.

These are just some of the problems that golf players face in case they can’t maintain the best golf posture, and they try to solve these with anti-inflammatory medications and other quick fix substitutes. But these are not permanent solutions.

Golf DrillsHere is some expert advice on how to achieve the best golf postures for swings and short game drills.

  1. Keep Your Hands Low

The lower the hand, the lower the flight of the ball. Swinging and hitting the ball is not as easy as it looks, but doing it with a bad posture is even more difficult to execute and harmful as well.  Instead, you should follow an effective technique by keeping your hands low so that the line of your shots will be lower.

  1. Use Your Body for Power

Every golfer knows that the power comes from the core, not from your arms. Try to drag the ball in the air without taking a backswing. If you are the kind of a player who uses his wrist to control the club, you’ll struggle. But once you get the technique, you will start moving the club with all the ease and get the ball in the air more consistently.

  1. Give your Spine the Forearm

This is the key to increasing accuracy and striking the ball like a pro. Make sure your body is aligned the hands, the spine, and the neck, everything in perfect linear form. Your forearm should be parallel to your spine, left wrist is flat, and elbows and arms should make a triangle. This will help your shoulders power up the perfect backswing and will make your performance even stronger.

  1. Thumbs up, Thumbs down

Start off with your thumb facing the ground. This will help slow down the movement of the club. On the other hand, the thumbs-up position is attained by the slicers. This is indeed the game changer and will certainly showcase your optimal performance.

Practice makes one perfect, even when playing golf. If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your golf posture for optimal performance check out our “30-day golf repair program” and unleash your body’s full Golfing potential. Remember, if it’s painful it’s not right. If you feel the slightest pain or discomfort while playing golf, you need to get that posture right. Enjoy your game and have fun!

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