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golf warm up

Written By Shane Lyons

February 15, 2019

Pretty much all athletes warm up by stretching to get mentally and physically ready for the battle that lies ahead of them. Even in golf, the professional golfers show up to the course almost three hours before their game to prepare for their round. Unfortunately, many amateur golfers overlook the importance of preparing for the game.

For most amateur golfers, warmup means showing up 15 minutes before their game time, roll a few strokes, and then head straight towards the tee box. Warming up for a round of golf goes beyond hitting a few strokes on the practice green.

Preparation Breeds Success

If you want to set up for a successful game of golf, you need to start at least 2 hours before the first game starts. It’s essential for golfers to have a pre-round routine. It is crucial to follow golf warm-up tips that you can find in the best golf fitness eBook if you want to understand a more appropriate approach.

There’s no reason to add stress to your game of golf by rushing to make a practice time. But if you don’t take the time to warm up meritoriously, then it’s going to cost you on the course.

The importance of the good old traditional stretch for golfers can’t be denied. The traditional stretch-and-hold can make the golfer’s body more supple, helping them increase their flexibility.

There is quite a lot of research out there that proves that such stretching routines can work wonders for your golf performance. These are a great way to ensure that you stay protected from muscular distress and injuries.

Don’t Rely on Just Static Stretching



Static stretching before playing your round of golf, may not be such a good idea as it can hinder performance.

That’s because it can hold your muscles hostage until they shut down.  


Instead, you need flexible muscles that can lend themselves well to a productive golf swing.

Dynamic stretches with the full range of motion are recommended.

Static stretching also ensures muscle relaxation. So when you finally stretch out and stretch into a position, you can hold it for longer. But when you warm up before a game of golf, you contract your muscles and then stimulate by squeezing them back into place.

This action of lengthening and strengthening your muscles is called active elongation or dynamic stretching.  This will help advance the endurance, mobility, and elasticity of your tissues. 

With the right warm-up sequence, your body will remember all those ranges of motion and recall them when you need them the most while playing golf. 

Traditional Golf Stretches

Traditional stretches and warm up, when done the right way, can strengthen you. They offer long-term elasticity and flexibility gains without hampering your motion or your ability to play golf.

The correct posture and stretching technique will improve your balance, stability, coordination, and mobility – and these are the qualities that make for a stellar golf player.

By including these in your repertoire, you will be able to give your body the aptitude and capability to generate a more fluid and repeatable golf swing.

Age-related Posture Changes

As we grow older, our posture changes. We start to become more curved in the upper part of your back, degenerative changes start to occur in your spine, we can be carrying extra weight around our tummy, and our leg muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be before.

Some golfers adapt the improvement in their golf posture through strength and stretching programs, others struggle. Now pretend, you have a grape between your shoulder blades and try to squash it, keeping your shoulder blades closer together. This is a beneficial stretch to help open up and stretch the muscles around your chest and shoulder area.

An Effective Golf Warm Up Is Critical For Success golf practice

The trouble, however, is that it is almost impossible to get amateur golfers to do any pre-round training.  

For most of them, it is nothing serious, so they just get to the first tee, maybe carry out some practice swings, indulge in a simple static stretch or two, and then they’re done with their pre-game to-do list. 

It is critical for golfing aficionados to realize the importance of performing a specific golf warm up before every round of golf. This is the secret to improving your scores.

  It is worth the effort to understand how to play your best golf game. It further enhances your mobility and stability and keeps you protected from the injuries.

If you don’t want to exercise to improve your golf game or you have injuries that limit your potential, try this little drill. Balance your body on one foot with your other knee bent in the air, try and stay balanced for 30 seconds or as long as you can. Swap legs and repeat the process.

One side will always be stronger. You can use a wall or a golf club which helps until you could balance on your own. When you think you are ready for this, repeat it.

Professional golfers usually can balance one leg with their eyes shut for 30+ seconds. Many amateurs try hard and are lucky to make for 5 seconds.

If you feel a little painful or sore doing these exercises, persevere. This is pretty much the only way to ensure a better posture during the game.  Even better, the advantages are collective – your game will get better with time as your flexibility, suppleness and power increases.

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