How Important Is Posture In Golf Swing

golf swing basics

Written By Shane Lyons

August 7, 2019

golf swing analyzerDelivering accurate golf swings is vital in the game of golf. If you can master this skill, rest assured that you will have a long relationship with the game. You won’t encounter most of the challenges other golfers often have, especially the effects of bad golf posture.

“Constant practice” is the watchword for golfers who have zeal and want to succeed in this sport; whether you are playing at a professional level or just swinging the club for fun, during leisure time.

We will attempt to enlighten you on the effects of bad golf posture and how it affects your overall performance.We will also show you how bad golf posture; as a result of faulty bending can affect your golf swing. Let’s dive into it straight away!


Maintaining Posture in the golf swing

Golf has often been described as one of the most uncomplicated and fun games, and interestingly, it doesn’t take too much effort or physical exertion as often misconstrued. In fact, optimal body movement is the aim so as not to get fatigued and also to avoid injury.

Stamina and strength are essential, and we will see why as we go on. Likewise, your ability to focus, observe, and analyze what’s happening around you on the golf course and take everything to your advantage. If you are new to the golf family, the chances are that you have heard the words golf swings.


What exactly is golf swing posture? Golf Swing Tips

How you move and make use of your golf club is all there is to it. In other words, you can say that a golf swing is the motion of your golf club. The golf swing Is an important aspect of the game and is a major determinant of how accurate your shots will be, and the distance of your shots. Since it is so important, you should put in more efforts towards perfecting your golf swing – it shouldn’t be too weak or too strong, you only need to have some level balance.

You can achieve the ideal golf swing through practice and the guidance of a professional body posture trainer like bestgolfposture. During your training sessions, you will be taught how to make the most of the swing plane. The swing plane is the foundation of attaining the best golf swing. The swing plane defines the direction of the club and how the ball travels. The club’s length and height are factors that often come to play in this case.

You won’t be wrong to say, the better the swing plane, the better the motion of the ball. Proper golf swing also improves swing speed. You will be able to deliver shots across long distances and recover almost immediately. So, if you are looking to master the basics of golf swings, you must consider the golf swing plane and the swing speed. Together, these factors determine the direction and motion of the ball – the projectile of the ball!

As a tip, you should settle naturally and comfortably in the swing plane. Professional coaching, good posture, and regular practice will polish things up. At we offer a Free golf posture self-assessment to uncover any posture issues that will be impacting your game.


perfect golf posture

What are Golf Swing Basics?

Just as you have seen in our earlier discussions, to ace your golf game, your golf swing should be top-notch. We will share a few tips on how to achieve smooth golf swings.




Have a Mental map of the course and swing plane

First, you need to have a mental image of the swing plane and how you intend to take it to your advantage. Psychologically, the golf swing is already begun even before you even take your stance. Its is all in mind, all you have to do Is take a deep breath and focus. This mental aspect of the game has a significant level of impact on your performance, more than people think. This is where you develop a mental map of where you want to the ball to go and how you want it to get there (direction and distance).


Work on your golf grip perfect golf posture

Holding the club too tight is most likely result in hooking your shot and delivering the ball farther than the intended spot. If your grip is relaxed, you are most likely not going to hit the ball correctly. Consider different grips and find whichever works for you. There is no one size fits all, find what works for you, and you will be great.


Maintain best golf posture and improve your swings

While playing golf, your upper body is more exposed to postural changes and such risks can be avoided. Simple ways of maintaining a healthy posture are to do some stretches before every game. It helps condition your body and also keep you in shape throughout the game. A good golf posture will eliminate or reduce the chances of back pain and injury, improve your upper body rotation for best swings, and deliver enough power to your muscles.


How do you bend over in golf swing? best golf posture

To avoid risks of back pain from playing golf, you must ensure that your golf stance is in order and your golf swing is optimal and efficient. If you are dealing with postural challenges like back pain, it is advised that you seek the help of a professional posture correction coach where appropriate measures will be taken to deal with and resolve the problem.

During golf games, most golfers tend to let their bodies get out of position. Sometimes, this results in pains during the game, or it could accumulate over time and result in a postural defect. One of the easiest ways of exposing yourself to such risks is bending too much through your back in your golf swing and not enough through your hips. How? A bad posture exerts too much pressure on your back. If your stomach muscle or the core cannot support this pressure, it becomes overbearing for your back, and it begins to wear you down.


Golf SwingGood golf stance will improve your golf posture, alignment, and fitness

One of the elements of a good golfer is your golf stance. Your stance with a good golf posture makes you comfortable. It also gives golfers that confidence to deliver classic swings on the course. Paying keen attention to your golf posture and stance will put on your name on the leader board, and you can only improve from there. While trying to maintain a healthy posture, you should always ensure that your head Is kept still while swinging.

There are countless resources on how to maintain a healthy golf stance and good golf posture at bestgolfposture, utilize their years of expertise, experience, and invest in your body fitness. They offer professional posture correction programs at a very affordable rate. Contact them and let them help you improve your golf experience! Remember – if you start it the wrong place, you will finish in the wrong place.

Golf Swing Basics

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