Invest In Golf Exercises For Your Best Golf Game

Invest in conditioning your body for your best golf game

Written By Shane Lyons

February 15, 2019

Golf fitness

Golf fitness has been misrepresented lately because professional golfers and their workout routines are always a point of contention. Many believe that the extravagant players like Rory McIlroy are going through extreme fitness and strength regimens just to show off and that their exercises aren’t helping their performance on the course at all.

This blog is here to set the record straight about what a daily fitness routine can do for your golf game. We certainly don’t expect you to spend more than two hours a day in the gym! But those two hours should set you on the course to develop a well-conditioned body.

Fitness-training can prepare your body for the best performance of your life. And it aids in the prevention of injury while you are on the course. Take advantage of some innovations in fitness that will help you get in shape easier than ever. Our preferences are to single out pieces of equipment that are simple, easy to use, and functional for golf training while also being rather cost-effective.

Golfers can focus on their training starting with these three main areas:

  • They should be able to perform the complex sequence of movements needed to swing a club efficiently, to improve mobility.
  • Their swing should have the right blend of power and coordination, to improve stability.
  • They must ensure the protection of soft tissue and joints from the after-effects of repeatedly swinging a golf club.

Golf Swing TipsGolf fitness is an often ignored topic that is not given enough attention. There are numerous ways that a golf-related workout plan can improve your performance on the course. It’s also essential to follow the fitness regimen carefully, and correct golf posture drills as it not only help to improve your game but also to live longer and increase the quality of your life.


Before we get into the specific golf benefits of a workout routine, let’s talk about why you should be exercising in general. The list of advantages is long, and nothing short but incredible.

Consistent physical activity has been proven to accomplish the following;

  • Weight control
  • Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Support your bones and muscles
  • Advance your mental fitness
  • Expand your ability to carry out daily activities
  • Reduce your risk of cancer

Cardiovascular workouts should be a must part of your golf fitness program, but not necessarily the old methods. The fitness world is starting to revolutionize to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This technique is quick as it includes powerful spurts of exercises followed by a period of brief rest. If done correctly you can burn more calories in 15 minutes than you would do in 60 minutes with an old traditional cardio exercise like jogging.

Why these types of workouts?

Golf Exercises

These workouts are very beneficial to your golf game because they can build strength, enhances your stamina and increase the speed of your swing. You are teaching your body how to turn off and on. However, it is similar to what happens during a round of golf between shots.

If you are just starting with physical fitness, it is important to be doubly careful because even the smallest bit of inattentiveness can result in lower back issues, tendinitis, and muscle pain all through the body. The golf swing can bring a great deal of stress on your entire body, and if you lack the absolute strength and flexibility, there is a greater chance of experiencing pain or injury. There is nothing worse than taking a forced break from golf because your body is not responding or cooperating with your game.

Golf Stretches

However, one of the best things you can do before your practice sessions is to perform dynamic warm-ups. The proper static stretching routine has mostly been proved to prevent injury.

The finest piece of advice for anyone starting a golf game is to take things slowly at first. You should start with light workouts 2-3 times a week. This will ease you into a routine. One of the toughest things about exercise is sticking to it. However, if you commit to improving your health and your golf game, we are very sure you will see some extraordinary results that will make it worth your while.

Golf Swing Basics

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