The Importance of Golf Mobility

The importance of flexibility and mobility for Golf

Written By Shane Lyons

February 15, 2019

Golf is an athletic and physically challenging game. Golf stretches, flexibility, balance, skill, strength, and coordination are all important factors when playing golf. Regular games of golf lead to the development of stability, skill, coordination, and balance. These skills are essential for all sports.

No matter what your age or ability is, it is essential to learn to play golf from a pro and take advantage of your lessons to reduce the risk of injury. Flexibility is hugely significant, and it can help improve your game naturally. There are best golf fitness eBooks available on the internet to help everyone who wants to develop skills to play golf like a pro.

Millions of people enjoy golf every day, and some of them are even playing this game for the very first time. However, golfers continue to search for different ways to develop their abilities and increase flexibility which is a very integral part of preparing for the game. Golf stretches are a critical element of a professional golfer’s workout plan. If you follow a regular flexibility exercise plan, it can help you get the following benefits:

  • Golf swing range of motion increases
  • Adds power and control to the game
  • A relaxed mental state
  • Minimal chances of injuries
  • Improved overall performance and physical conditioning.

We recommend you add some golf exercises to your regimen to increase flexibility and mobility for a great game of golf.

Golf Stretches


These stretches are supposed to be executed every day. However, keep the pre-round stretches for days you are out on the course before you get ready to hit practice balls on the driving range. Both these stretching activities should take between 10-15 minutes of your time. You must hold each stretch anywhere between 30 secs to 1 minute, depending on your comfort level and the availability of time.

Maintaining Golf Balance:

Make sure you stretch both sides since golf swings involve using both the right and left sides of the body. This is also known as a bilateral movement. To get the best results, stretch in the following order:

  • Lower back stretch

This should help enhance the suppleness in the lower back stretch. As a golfer, you will find that this stretch enables you to complete the rotation for a stellar golf swing done right.

  • Lying Trunk Rotation

This stretch involves the rotators for the trunk, hips, and shoulders; these are situated in the lower back. This helps preserve the elasticity of the muscles for a full range of motion in the backswing.

  • Home stretch

Start by lying to your side. Pull up your legs, so they are at a 90-degree angle to your body. Now, slowly turn your upper body away and to the floor, as if trying to lay straight. You won’t be able to go all the way, but hold the position for a few counts. Then do this with the other side, by lying on the other side of your body.  This stretch requires patience and perseverance. In a few months, you will able to press down into the floor as your shoulders become more flexible.

  • Chest stretch

A flexible and powerful chest adds to the club head control, that’s why pro golfers do their best to incorporate chest stretches into their workouts.

  • Pre-round stretch

Whether you are standing up or sitting down, it is vital to maintaining a straight posture in your upper torso. Grip the hands behind your back and try to lift your arms above your head as you move your elbows, rotating them at ends.  Make sure you don’t forget to breathe. Count to 10 and then slowly come to a normal position.

  • Neck Rotation

The neck and the head must be aligned with the torso to make for a powerful golf swing. That is why this stretch is quite essential as well.

  • Forearm/wrist flexor and extensor stretch

The accuracy of the club can be controlled by forearms, wrists, and finger muscles. These areas should have flexible muscles to ensure better control for the golfer.

  • Forearm/wrist flexor Pre-round stretch

Hold out your right hand in front of your body, then grip the fingers on it with your left hand. Next try to bend the wrist, first upwards and then downwards, to the count of 5. Repeat with the left hand.

The Last WordGolf Stretches

You increase mobility by moving. Moving a joint improves natural lubrication by enhances the motion of the joints. That’s why, when it comes to golf, the movement is synonymous with success. Your flexibility exercises should become part of your daily life.

Research proves that golfers who work on their physical fitness are better players as well. The activities detailed above can do wonders for your mobility and golfing prowess. Fresh interest in taking better care of your body can help your golf game improve by leaps and bounds, and it’s great for your health as well!

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